Inspiring And Flexible Hairstyle For Shoulder Length Hair

Hairstyle for shoulder length hair is short enough co you can easily control and style but long enough allowing you try style that needs a little length. If you are confused deciding between short hair and long hair, a shoulder length is the perfect choice because you will get the versatility in between length. Check these shoulder length hairstyles that look good but are still easy to style in the morning.

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Crimson Crush

Because of its one length cut and blunt bangs, this sleek and polished style is raging red look. Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner to help control frizz and make easier blow-out. Apply smoothing products or serum to wet hair to protect it from heat from blow dry and add shine. Part your damp hair to the central and detangle. Section out and comb all of your bangs forward.

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Remove all of the moisturein hair with blow-dryer and a paddle brush to really smooth hair. Bevel under slightly and finish off the look with a flat iron to create the look of totally straight and smooth. Run through and bump your bangs under slightly with the iron. Girls with any face shapes and straight hair would love this hairstyle for shoulder length hair.

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Big Curls

This hairstyle for shoulder length hair helps unstiffen and frame the face thanks to big bouncy curls around the shoulders. Side bangs blend in to the curls and sweep tremendously. This look is smoother on top and fuller around the shoulders by keeping the curls near the tips of the hair threads. Start applying products to protect your hair from heat. They also help smooth hair and add incredible shine. Curl clean dry hair of entire head with Small hot rollers or a larger curling iron. Curl focusing on the tips with the iron. Smooth bangs over to the side with a flat iron. The style will help balance the volume of heart shaped faces on the bottom of it out. Natural curls hair that is looser work great.

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Straight Edge

Your hair will look graceful and blustery with a delicate side part of healthy soft hair. This hairstyle for shoulder length hair counts the details of a simple cut. Make sure to keep every hair smooth and shiny. Avoid average looking hair by keeping your color. Part your clean, damp hair to the side and detangle.

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Put some blow out product in your hair for heat protection. Then blow dry to remove all of the moisture in hair with a paddle brush to help make your hair smooth. Finish off the look and make the tips to look completely straight and smooth with a flat iron. This style is suitable for round and oval faces and thin to thick hair as long as you don’t have crazy curls.

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