Inspiring And Flattering Hairstyles For Naturally Wavy Hair

It is a popular trend for people to go natural especially for hair. As there are many different textures of hair for every person, not every style might work for every individual. Make sure you have already figured out which texture and face shape you have before deciding which hair to wear. Here are hairstyles for naturally wavy hair that might fit your hair texture.


Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

These hairstyles for naturally wavy hair take a little longer process than common braids, but they are absolutely worth the additional work. Those with curly and wavy hair textures look amazing on them. Start parting hair into two ponytails and apply leave-in conditioner. Grab a thin thread of hair from the outer of the left section of hair and below the right hair section.

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Repeat the same steps for the right section. Work interchanging sides until you complete to the end of the braid. Use elastics to secure the end. If you are new to fishtailing, this process is a bit complicated. Find tutorial and keep learning.

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Wash ‘N’ Go Hairstyles

The Wash ‘N’ Go style are the most popular hairstyles for naturally wavy hair among girls. You can wear this look very much every day. Make your hair completely wet that can be obtainable right after you finish of the shower or use a spray bottle to wet hair drenching. Part your hair into four sections. Apply a leave-in conditioner thoroughly distributed through the sections.

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Finger twists the sections for more defined curls. Use oil like coconut oil to keep hair moist. Wipe your hair with a cotton t-shirt to remove the spare moisture. And then use a hair diffuser or air dry to dry hair. The hairstyle can last a few days but try to sleep on a satin pillowslip to retain hair moisture.


Flexi Rods Hairstyles

You can give your hair long, sleek coiled curls with elastic, long rollers called Flexi rods. If you don’t feel like working a full Wash ‘N’ Go, these hairstyles for naturally wavy hair can be best option for this week. Start out by doing the flexi rod look on moist hair with detangled and newly washed hair.

haircuts for naturally wavy hair with bangs haircuts for naturally wavy hair 2013

Part your hair and roll the ends around the flexi rod. Bend the ends of the flexi rod to secure its position. Repeat steps for the rest of your hair. After the hair dry completely, unroll the hair.

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