How To Use Unnatural Colors To Dye Your Hair

Instead of wearing the common browns, blondes, and reds color on your hair, why don’t you try using unnatural colors to dye your hair, such as green, blue, or purple. However, you have to know that dying hair can damage your hair, so make sure you do it right. Your hair can come out evenly-colored, healthy, and vibrant with some extra care and a few basic supplies.

hair dyingbright colors to dye your hair

Getting bleach

In order to get bright colors to dye your hair, you’ll probably have to bleach except you certainly have white-blonde hair. If you try to dye your naturally black hair with pink you’ll just result in pink-tinted black hue. You need bleach to get your hair to go lighter in any way. A professional stylist is the one you should consider. If it’s done wrong, bleaching can severely damage your hair so it is the most difficult part of this process. Find a professional assistant if you’re feeling at all uncertain. You can buy a bleach kit from local beauty supply shop. Buy 20 volume developer for hair that is naturally medium blond or dark blond.

colors to dye your hair for dark skin colors to dye your hair for brown skin

Bleaching hair

Begin adding colors to dye your hair with greasy, unwashed hair for a bit barrier to protect scalp. Put on gloves, Wrap a towel over your shoulders, and blend the developer and bleach in a non-metallic container. Pin up sections of your hair. Work in small pieces at a time. Apply the bleach with a dye brush. Start from the root to the tips. Rinse out hair after 45 minutes with cold water. It is normal the hair will feel straw-like and dry. You don’t need shampoo or condition.

hair dyecool colors to dye your hair guys

Tone hair

Bleach is a better base for bright colors to dye your hair as it can turn your hair yellow not white. Use a purple toner bought at a beauty supply store to go from yellow to white. Start with slightly oily hair. Wrap an old towel around shoulders. Apply thick lines of petroleum jelly on your ears and around hairline and wear latex gloves. Blend the dye in a non-metallic bowl.

coolest colors to dye your hair crazy colors to dye your hair

Clip your hair up and work in sections applying with the dye brush. Work from root to end through each section. Comb through your hair after you’ve applied all the dye to even out any lumps or globs. Cover hair with a shower cap to prevent staining anything. Rinse your hair After 35 minutes with cold water.

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