How to Style Short Hair Men

Men with short hair usually is the type of men which is do not want to be so difficult when it comes to hairstyling. Well here are steps on how to style short hair for men;


First of all before start styling your hair, you have to know your hair type. If you have short and straight hair then you can style it into spikes style. But if your hair is curly or wavy then there is not much to do with your hairstyle.


Next, choose the right hair products for your hair texture. For men, there are some products for their hair such as mousse to add volume of the hair, hair wax to shape the hair, gel which make the hair dry, cream or serum which help to tame the hair, and hair glue which used to style Mohawk hair.


Before styling your hair you have to consider where you would like to go. Is it just for a cool hair, for prom or for first day of work to make good impression? Match the situation with your short hair styles.


Start to style your hair by choosing a direction for your hair, whether you want it to comb it forward, back, up, to the side, or straight down. If you want to part your hair it is okay. Because parting your hair is optional. Then, last but not least, you can set your style using hairspray. If you do not like using hairspray, you can choose one of the products for men that I have mention above.



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