How to Style Short Hair Men

Not only women who loves to experiment with different type of hair, men are also loves to do it. Some men who have short hair love to try new hairstyle on their hair. So, how to style short hair for men? Here are some of them;


The first style for men with short hair is the crew cut style in which the hair cut very short to the scalp. For men with tight schedule and have no time to manage the hair, this kind of hairstyle is suitable. For them who want to look sporty, the crew cut style is the best choice.


Another style that you can try for men with short hair is the devilock style. This style is goes well for you who want to style in punk.

men's hair short at back long at front men's hair short back and sides (1) short men's hair with bangs It is very simple, you need to get short haircut at the back of the head, but at the front, it is kind of devilishThe front hair is set together and styled straight down the middle of the forehead, while the side and back of the hair is trim.


Spiky cut is the next style for men with short hair. This style is suitable for sporty men and also for them in an office suit. This stylish hairdo is also great for emo style. You just need styling gel to do this hair style.

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