How to Style Curly Hair


If you feel bored with your straight and sleek hairstyle, no need to be confused or decide to cut your hair. What about trying curly hair? Curly hair will make your hair get more volume and looks so sexy. Now, what if you do not have enough money to curl your hair in salon? Don’t worry, you can do DIY curly hair at home. Now, how to style curly hair?


Here are the steps; first, of course you have to wash your hair to make it clean. Clean hair is easily to arrange. Don’t forget to use conditioning treatment, comb your hair using wide tooth comb to remove tangle on your hair. Comb your hair gently to avoid your hair from breakages.


Next step, rinse your hair from shampoo and conditioner, use your fingertips to shake your hair and remove it from the shampoo and conditioner. After washing your hair, squeeze the water from your hair and don’t rub your hair with towel.


You may apply the curl cream or mousse curl cream products that you trust. First, apply the curl cream and then apply the curl enhancer which has a creamy texture. Next step, use a diffuser to dry your hair until almost dry. You may also let your hair dry naturally, but if you want more volume on your hair you can use diffuser to get it dry. After that restyle your hair on the front and part line.

Use serum on your last step or use wax to add more definition for your curl hair.

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