How to Make Hair Shiny


Whatever type of your hair is, whether it is curly, straight or wavy, your hair will look adorable when it is shiny. Whatever the color of your hair, auburn red, black, blonde or brown, if your hair is healthy they will look shiny. So, who doesn’t want to have shiny hair? There are many things that you can do to show that your hair is healthy that they are so shiny, here are some steps you need to take to know how to make your hair shiny.


We are what we eat. Those phrase maybe the right thing to symbolize your health, including the health of your hair. If you want health and shiny hair then you have to eat nutritious food. To make your hair healthy and shiny, you have to eat a lot of protein which you can find in eggs and nuts. Moreover, consume vitamin A and E can make your hair looks shiny. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water too because water will moisturize your hair from the inside.


Next, be aware of harsh chemical around you like chlorine in the pool when you swimming. It can damage your hair. You have to protect your hair from harsh chemical as hard as you can.


Wash your hair using cold water is better, then don’t forget to use leave in conditioner plus serum to make your health healthier. When you finish blow drying your hair, use cool dryer after your hair dry to make your hair more fresh and healthy.

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You can use spray on shine when your hair start to look dry. You may also choose to glossing treatment with your hair stylist.