How to Hairstyles for Long Hair


When you have long hair, you need long time to take care of your hair. What if you are in hurry? Is there any quick hairdo to get simple but amazing hairstyles with your long hair? Surely there are some style to make your long hair look awesome, and here are some step on how to do hairstyles for your long hair;


Lets get the easy and simple hairstyle using bobby pin. Part your hair in the middle then take one inch part of your hair in one side and smooth it to the back and pin it with your bobby pin, do the same for the other side of your hair. You can also choose to deep part your hair, then in your less hair part, take a few inch of hair and smooth it back then secure it with bobby pin.


Half up do is the easiest hairstyles for long hair. Just take few part of your front hair then secure it together in the back with your elastic. For more elegant or modern hairstyles for your long hair, you can do small braid in your hair. Simply deep part your hair and in the deep part, braid small part of front hair then secure it to the back, then braid another section of hair right under the first braid. Pin both of the braids in the back.


Still talking about braid, you can part hair on one side then twist along your hairline then use your hairpin in the eye level. Twist again your hair until it reach your neck level than start braiding all of your hair.