How To Get Kate Middleton Hair Styles On Your Own

The Duchess of Cambridge is displaying some of the most modern hair styles. Learn how to get Kate Middleton hair styles of glossy curls, sleek ponytail, and natural-looking waves. Her long, bouncy, shiny, and convenient hair is soon becoming iconic along with the Rachel and the Farrah. In fact, crowning grandeur, for most women, is the holy grail of tresses. Kate is likely to stick to her natural loose and wavy style, but The Duchess sometimes you can see her with a few different looks. Duchess’s hair is never incongruous from a casual messy ponytail for daily event to a sleek wave for a plush evening party.

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Natural Waves

This Kate Middleton hair cutis incredibly red carpet inspired, glamorous and is a perfect evening or day do. Start with a volumize shampoo and conditioner and then use a volumize spray concentrating on the roots. For fairly thin hair, use a volume mousse. Slowly blow-dry each section with a medium-sized barrel brush and pin in position.

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Leave hair to cool when done and mist firm hold hairspray. Take out the hair pins carefully and then drop curl slightly by running your fingers gently through the curls. Keep hair smooth and soft with serum on the roots of the hair. Back comb the front areas and section gently to add volume.

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Half-Up, Half-Down

This Kate Middleton hair style creates extra layer of texture and boasts her elegant features. Get the look by first spraying entire hair with a heat protection and then roughly blow dry hair. Create four sections. Curl each section with small curling wand until complete. After parting hair, neatly brush the halfcrown backwards and slide them into position with hair grips to fasten the hair securely. Use serum to keep hair smooth. Use a small clear rubber band for extra support securing the hair in position.

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Glossy Curls

This particular Kate Middleton hair cut is one of her iconic hairstyles. Keep the hair sleek and smooth at the top and then create thick curls at the bottom for the trick. Get glossy locks like Kate with shine spray as her hair is always in amazing condition. Achieve this look easier and faster with wide flat irons without having to spend hours when blow-dry your hair. Just wrap around the straighteners your hair, coil and pull down slightly. Brush the curls out smoothly. Set the style with a hairspray that has shine and hold elements.