How To Get Jessica Alba Hair Color Of Caramel Highlights

Many celebrities choose to sport more-natural effects for their tresses while many stars are wearing pastel and bold ombré cut. Jessica Alba hair color is subtle ombré or sombré look which is beautiful with a gradual movement from darkness to lightness. It is contrary to what traditional ombré with heavy contrasting bands. Regular ombré color does not show line of demarcation with more of a haze effect mixing the colors together. If you want to make some seasonal hair changes, find out how to get Jessica’s look, and tips on how to maintain it.

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Always Bring Photo To Describe

The first step on how to recreate Jessica Alba hair color and look is by finding a reference photo before visiting your favorite salon. A picture is a great way to convey your idea for hair color. Don’t get too technical if you don’t have picture with you. When describing it, use terms that everyone understands. Jessica’s look is a chocolate brown base that gradually turns into honey to the ends.

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Consider Your Skin Tone

Your stylist should takes into consideration your eye color, skin tone, and lifestyle when recreating Jessica Alba hair color and look. Going too light or too dark is one of the biggest hair color mistakes. Too extreme tone will end up washing you out. There will be too much of a contrast if it’s too dark but it will match your skin tone if it’s too light.

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Keep Hair Hydrated

Your hair should be extra-hydrated to keep their healthiness so they can hold the shade better than damaged hair. Damage hair may let color particles to spurt over gaps in the hair shaft. Coconut oil is actually the best moisturizing treatment for Jessica Alba hair color. Take and heat a tablespoon of coconut oil for 10 seconds, and apply into your mid-lengths and tips. You can use it while you sleep but 15 minutes is effective enough to use. Do this at least once a week.

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Use Best Proper After Care

Also think about after-care after you put on your Jessica Alba hair color. Choose color-safe options to replace your current regular shampoo and conditioner, and buy a hair gloss to keep your hue fresh to use every two weeks. Also always use a sun protectant on your hair as Sun exposure can cause your color to fade. Frequent shampooing can also worsen the fading so try to wash your hair below three times a week.


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