How to Dry Hair


Beauty and easy hair style can be started from the way we dry our hair after wash it. Surely there is no need to be questioned about how we wash our hair. But if it is about drying hair, most of the people start asking, how to dry hair correctly. Well, there are two ways that you can take to dry your hair. First, you dry it with the blow dryer and the second way, you let your hair dry with the help of towel.


Lets start from the first method on how to dry hair with hair dryer. First of all, after take a bath and wash your hair, take a towel then dry your hair using towel by shake it all over your hair. After that, take wide tooth comb and comb your hair thoroughly. Next step, take your hair dryer and turn it on. Don’t start from the hottest heat because it can damage your hair. Start using the hair dryer from the lowest possible heat. And when your hair is almost dry, use the hottest heat until your hair finally dry.



The second way to dry hair is the natural way without using hair dryer. In this way, you just need to use towel to dry your hair. First, after you wash and conditioning your hair as usual, you need to wring out your hair. Wring as best as you can. Right after that, take a towel and put your head upside down and put the towel on your hair. After few minutes, put off the towel and start to pat your hair on both sides little by little using the towel. Last, use wide toothed comb to comb your hair and let your hair dry naturally.