How To Dry Hair In The Right Way

The best time to replace your heat gears for a towel and a few multitasking products is summer. Return to air-drying if your hair is brittle, damaged, or just lacking of a stress-free styling routine. Dropping the blow-dryer takes much longer to dry hair and you can’t expect shiny, smooth results by just running a towel over it. Here are tips how to dry hair and reducing dry time but staying your hair tangle-free.


how to dry hair straight naturallyUse a microfiber towel.

Use and light, ultra-absorbent fabric for a smooth finish is the perfect way of how to dry hair when using towel. Help control frizz with a leave-in conditioner or an anti-frizz serum. Add extra smoothness by pairing the microfiber towel with invisible oil.

how to dry hair after shower

Shake the water out

Although shaking for a few seconds your head up and down sounds a little foolish, but it is best way of how to dry hair faster. If you like to wash hair at night, let it air-dry while you sleep. Get rid of superfluous water before using a towel. Boost air flow by flipping hair upside-down before running your hair up into your fingers. Also lift the root or go outside to speed drying time.

how to dry hair after gym


Use heatless waves for long hair

You can use multiple clips when braid or twist the hair. Add light and smoothness texture with grooming crème. For beach waves Finish, mist with Surf Spray all over the hair. Make loose curls from a simple bun or braid. Use a curling mousse on damp hair for great defining, preventing frizz, holding curls, and resisting humidity. Another great way of how to dry hair is using spray on damp hair and let it dry for messy, tangible waves.


Detangle prudently

Avoid using a brush on damp hair. Use a wide-tooth comb when working out the tangles to avoid any breakage. Work starting from the ends and way up. Always towel-dry gently is perfect how to dry hair and avoid wrapping a towel around head too firmly. Apply a leave-in conditioner for stubborn tangles. The type of comb you use based on your natural texture. Use a wide-tooth comb on curly hair while the hair is wet and use a wet brush on straight hair.

Young Woman Drying Her Hair in a Bathroom with an Electric Hairdryer how to dry hair faster with a blow dryer

Use product thinly on short hair

Trim down on product if you wear haircuts like the pixie. Use lesser and lighter products as short hair can easily get oily-looking. Make sure to find the finest product for your hair’s texture that fit your preferred style when it comes to how to dry hair. Apply pomade with strong shine and soft hold that is good for all hair types and textures. Or try hard gel for architectural shine and styling. Smooth pomade on wet hair to add a sexy finish.