How To Care Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair

You either love or hate the curly hair. A blessing or a curse is what you get when having curly hair. It’s quite gorgeous so it can be blessing but it generally goes together with kink making it a curse. Dehydration and friction are the main issues that causing the feared frizz. Naturally dry is what people find in curly hair. Hydration is the effort you can do best. Your moist locks can possibly become dehydrated if using the wrong treatments. Curly hair becomes big and frizzy as thirsty, dry hair reach upward and outward to find and satisfy thirst from humidity in the air. Another issue for curly locks is friction. People with curly hair know that you create more frizzes if you touch hair more. You perhaps don’t recognize other sources that cause friction. Make sure you know these sources and eliminate them to achieve smoother curls. Follow these major habits to fully transform your frizz into elegant hairstyles for naturally curly hair.

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Use Non-sulfate shampoos

Sulfates are found in engine de-greasers, oven cleaners, detergents, and unfortunately, in many shampoos. They create suds that are very good to eliminate grease. They strip lubrication from hair which is too harsh for curly hair. Make sure you buy a moisturizing shampoo with no sulfate ingredient for your hairstyles for naturally curly hair. Make circular motions when cleaning scalp. Focus only on the scalp and avoid scrubbing your hair. During your rinse, the shampoo goes over your curls that will be sufficient to wash your whole hair.

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Use Conditioner In The Shower To Detangle Curls

Apply conditioner after washing your hair and Leave it in during completing your shower, exfoliate, shave legs, and such. Comb with a large tooth comb or your fingers through your hair before you rinse. This prevents you from tugging harshly and breaks the hairstyles for naturally curly hair. And then stand straight below the shower and let the water torrent to flow over your hair and wash out the conditioner.

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Avoid drying your hair with a terry cloth towel

Dry your exquisite curls with a microfiber towel or simple t-shirt. Terry cloth towels really harm the cuticle as they act like Velcro. Blot the water into the microfiber towel and squeeze pieces of hair mildly with the towel in an ascending gesture rather than remove dampness from your hair by briskly rubbing it. This helps you drying and helping to entice your hairstyles for naturally curly hair simultaneously.

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