How To Blow Dry Curls Hair To Make It Straight And Sleek

Curly hair can be challenging to tame as it tends to frizz and tangle when dry. Learn these simple tricks and tips on how to easily blow dry curls straight. You can find many different ways of doing so.

blow curlblow dry and curl natural hair

Apply Hair Product First

Select some products, first. Use the Decontrol Mousse to defrizz the hair. Apply this product on fine, thick, or medium hair texture just to control the frizz intensities in the hair. Rub it consistently in your hands and then spread it through from the mid threads to the tips. You may section the hair and just apply it over like so. Make sure to spread it as even as possible all over the hair.

blow dry curl brush blow dry barrel curls

You may mix a mousse with another product on your hair. When blow dry curls with hair of this texture, you needs to have to do more something else to control it. Try using a serum or a smoothing cream. You may even use the smoothing cream if you prefer. Or seal it with a serum at the end more than with a smoothing cream as it gives a bit more gloss, a bit more shine to the hair. To finish, you should comb it over.

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When Blow Drying

While blow drying, pull on the hair for fairly a little on tension. This helps you a bit easier when blow dry curls. Just go to work the hair to be straight before you really make it straight. Make sure you use the right size brush for when brushing according to how easy you use a brush. Using a large round brush or a paddle brush is the easiest way.

blow dry curly bangs straight blow dry curls without diffuser

This round brush helps you working closer to the root. You have to make sure you’re just moving the hair and keeping the root piece of your hand stirring. So work from the roots, to the middle part, and to the tips. You can just twist up on the tips based on whether you like it to get a little more rounder at the tips or just make it a bit slicker to keep going down straight.

2011-Blow-Dry-collection-The-Manhattan-Curl1blow dry curly bangs

Finish With Serum

When blow dry curls section, just focus on that section. Work only on the one you’ve just picking up and don’t take up the other section. And then complete with the cool air. Apply a little bit of serum. Run the serum with your hands straight and apply it evenly. Work from the top and avoid to go too close to the roots or you’ll cause the roots too oily. Now you are done.