How To Achieve New Justin Timberlake Hairstyle

Justin Timberlake is One of talented artists that once was a boy band member who crazed a lot of the nineties female fans. He turned from a boy band member to a solo artist that was done seamlessly but is not an easy one. He has frequently updated his look over the years. He recently made a comeback with the Suit and Tie single in new the 20/20 Experience album. This also comes with a new hairstyle which looks more mature than the previous boy band days. With a few easy steps, you can create your own Justin Timberlake hairstyle as well as his charm and appeal.

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Suit and Tie hairstyle

This hairstyle is best worn with a suit and tie. It’s a good mix of mature and frisky as well as fun yet still classy. It is very important for you to cut your hair close to Justin Timberlake hairstyle to get the look. Buzz or cut really short on the sides approximately 1 to 2 inches over the ears and is about 2 to 3 inches on the crown area. Create layers at the top part to give the look of texture. Cut with a number one clipper the sides short. Make sure the shave pretty high but there should not be a line so make it blend.

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Then cut layers for texture into the top. Anyone can do this cut easily. Start styling your hair by applying some mousse or volumizer foam on soggy or towel dried hair. Work it throughout your hair from roots to ends. Focus on the long hair of the top part. This benefits you get the correct amount of volume and style your hair.

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Use a comb when blow dry your hair. Dry the crown of your hair alternately working to the middle and then towards the back. Comb the sides downwards when blow drying. Apply styling clay or wax to hold hairstyle. Choose product according your hair density and texture. Pick Pomade as it holds like a wax or pick stronger spray if you have naturally curly hair. Apply it from the facade part of your hair towards the back.

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It shouldn’t be flattened so do this gently. Comb downward the side of your hair and upward the center section. Also try a few spritzes of Shine oil through hair to disperse with fingers to make hair look damp with a bit of shine. Now you have the Justin Timberlake hairstyle.

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