How To Achieve Look Of medium curly hair styles

Enhance your hair texture by wearing the versatility of medium curly hair styles. These styles are perfect from the working routine to a club night party with a soft, passionate look or capacious coils. You can always wear warmer temperatures styles thanks to wide array of great products that help you express shape and stay kink-free.

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Tousled Shag
With loose curls and a bold platinum finish, you can get racy finish with the old-fashioned A-line bob making all eyes staring at you in positive way. Achieve the medium curly hair styles with a smooth finish by blow dry hair with a round brush. For a soft, ruffled look, wind vertical sections of hair with a large barrel curling iron from mid-slide to ends. Hold the curls with an anti-humidity spray protecting the hair from kink and smooth blowouts and create perfect curls. Any face shapes with fine to medium hair can wear these styles.

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Sassy Bob
This gorgeous, excellent blonde is classic with a modern curl. You can easily find a flawless way to go from day to night. These styles just need a few steps to lift statement and length. Define curl by blowing dry hair with added diffuser attachment while sweeping with fingers. Use a flat iron on low heat or a paddle brush to smooth fringe area. Finish with shine spray or a light hold hairspray for a smooth and polished finish to keep your hair feeling soft and refined perfect for any hair texture and length. Diamond, square, and rectangle faces with fine to thick hair are best wearing these medium curly hair styles to soften hard shapes.

Romantic Curls
You can have a romantic holiday retreat or a dinner with these gorgeous medium curly hair styles. These very soft curls are easy to make by first blow dry with the Diffuser attachment. Create a soft, romantic air using a small barrel curling iron and breeze horizontal divisions of hair. Use a flexible styling spray on all over the hair to protect hair with great antioxidants, sheen with all day control and creates wonderful texture. Most face shapes with fine to medium hair looks great with these styles.

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Curl Diva
You can take a break from heat-styling apparatuses and straightening chemicals with these volume curly look. Stand up the dimension and texture with the rich, heartfelt brown color. Blow dry hair with the Diffuser attachment to create a refined curl. Secure style in position with a styling hairspray long and oval face shapes with fine to thick hair wear these medium curly hair styles perfectly. For on the go washing, spray styling mist on moist hair and allow air dry.

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