How Taylor Lautner Hairstyle Changes In Twilight Series

Taylor Lautner is a famous actor as he played the role of a werewolf named Jacob Jake Black in Twilight series. He did an outstanding job in five series of the movie that make People call him Jacob instead of Taylor. As his character transforms from each series, there are lot of changes in Taylor Lautner hairstyle form first to the last installment of the movie. Let’s dig into famous and trendy hairstyles of Taylor Lautner or Jacob of Twilight.

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Short Tapered Hairstyle

As his transformation from human being to werewolf in the movie, Taylor Lautnerchanges his haircut. His long hair is cut to short. This change follows in his body muscles. His short hairstyles are also as popular as his long hairstyle. Recreate Taylor Lautner hairstyle by cutting short the hair and build bigger muscle to a great extent.

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Long hairstyles

In the first series of Twilight, Taylor Lautner hairstyle was a long wavy hair. It makes him look rebellious in the beginning of the movie. But in fact many fans think he suits the style best. This rugged look was worn for his role as Native American Quileute tribe in La Push. Some fans started recreate his long hairstyle by growing the hair in the same length as Jacob’s.

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Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Taylor Lautner hairstyle is kept short after he cut short his hair. He fairly often appears with his buzz cut but he sometimes wears medium hairstyles too. This make his buzz cut become a signature hairstyle for Taylor Lautner. He tapered his hair into 1 to 1.5 inches long on side and adding volume and length into the crown head section for about 2 inches hair strands.

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Side Parted Hairstyle

This Taylor Lautner hairstyle is quite rare to wear but look cool on him. Side parted long hair to recreate his look and then secure hair to the back into a ponytail. Comparing than his other hairstyles, this hairstyle makes Taylor Lautner’s face features and cut more conspicuous. An oval and round face can get framed by this hairstyle. This style looks great for guys with medium and straight hair but adding a little edgier hairstyle.

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Different Buzz Cut Styling

There is a great variation in Taylor Lautner hairstyle which is good for us as giving guys a chance to personalize their buzz cut. You can see how sometime he try for spiky buzz cut by applying gels to set hair to make spikes moving upward.

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