How Much Is It to Dye Your Hair?


Start getting grey hair on your hair? is it ashamed for you? If it is, then why don’t you try dying your hair? Dying hair great and works well for women who want to cover the grey hair. It is also works for girls who want to stay fresh and brand new by highlighting or lowlighting her hair. Then when you already decide to dye your hair, you can choose whether you want to dye your hair to a hair colorist at professional salon or do yourself coloring.


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When you already decided to dye your hair at salon, then the cost will depend on the salon and how much hair dye it takes to color your hair. Commonly, a hair coloring will cost around $60 up to $100. But it will be different if you choose expensive salon, the price can be up to $300 but it will give a great result that last longer of course. The price for dye hair also could depend on our hair length and hair style. Normally, when it depend on the length of your hair, the cost will be around $70 up to $80.



It is different when you only want to add some highlight and lowlight to your hair, the cost would be around $50. When you want to dye only one color then the price is range from $50 to $150. When your naturally hair is black then it might be a bit expensive because the black will have to be stripped out before a lighter color can be placed over. If you want to get two tone colors, then the cost usually range from $75 to $150.




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