How much is it to Dye Your Hair at home or Salon?

With a couple of hair color options that you can use at home for a fraction of budgets of a professional coloring, sometime people wondering how much is it to dye your hair at home or when you go to the salon. Your whole look can be changed instantly by dyeing your hair. But your budget can also be changed if you often to go to the salon in order to maintain your hair or treatments. Color options are far cheap but there are a couple of pros and cons that you have to consider before you determine whether to spend or save your money on hair color.

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The pros

It is easy and affordable

For a hair color treatment at home, you will spend your money from $4 up to $20. You will spend less money on entire kit than if you give the tip to your hair colorist when you go to the salon to color your hair.


You do not need appointment, waiting under a dryer and you can choose a couple of different colors in under an hour. You can get the comfort zone on your own home.

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Straight forward

Hair color kits that can be used at home will make the process of coloring hair affordable and easy at your home. Once you buy your hair color kit, all you have to do is a towel, a couple of clips, a place to clean your hair and a timer. The directions are simple and clear to follow. A lot of kit providers even provide a help line that you can call if you have a couple of questions.

The cons

You are not hair colorist

If home coloring is great, there will not be question how much is it to dye your hair for professional hair colorists. Even though hair coloring box can proof what will happen to your hair color, but the results are questioned especially if your hair has been colored before.

how much is it to dip dye your hair at a salon

Cannot make huge impact

In order to see the best outcomes from hair color at home, you have to stick within two shades of your latest shade. For those of you who are looking to hide roots or cover grays, you have to dye your hair at home which will be perfect option, particularly in between standing colors parts. But if you want to change the color of your hair drastically, is will be better for you to go to salon. So, there is no how much is it to dye your hair question anymore after you dye your hair.

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