Hot Red and Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair

When you hear the sounds of red and blonde highlights in brown hair, you will think of bright fire engine red. But you have to wait until you check out the variations of red and blonde highlights in brown hair below. These highlights can be bright and bold, soft shades of strawberry blonde or fiery copper. It is better for you to consult your hair stylist in order to place them all through your hair. Or they can enhance your haircut strategically and face shape. These are a couple of endless options that you can try and get inspired.

images blonde red highlights brown hair

Center and bright

Bright bold red and copper highlights are put in the fringe spot and around your face in this daring appearance. These highlights are perfect when you combine with a dark brown. Medium skin tones which can apply bright shades of pink and red in their dress look beautiful with these bold red highlights. Meanwhile, for those of you who have hair which is medium to thick in texture will be a perfect addition for this great look. These bright red highlights should be maintained at home carefully. You have to make sure that you are using a shampoo that free from sulfate and conditioner which is supported with cool water. In between washes, you have to try a dry shampoo.

red and blonde highlights in brown hair pictures

Copper sunshine

This rich, copper-colored hair is perfect when paired with brighter and lighter copper highlights and gold accents. The only difference of this hairstyle is that it looks going strong all day long. This color will be perfect for fair complexions. For those of you who have long hair which is medium to thick and features a natural wave, this hairstyle if suitable for you. In order to get these loose curls, you can start by misting your hair by using a sea salt spray. And then, you have to take larger parts and they should be wrapped around a curling wand. You have to let every curl cool thoroughly before shaking out by using your fingers.

red and blonde highlights in brown hair

Red ribbons

Red ribbon highlights paired with a rich dark mahogany base color will make your hair fun and fresh. And also, these red and blonde highlights in brown hair showcase curls and layers perfectly. This is perfect if you have light to medium skin tones to apply this combination of reds perfectly. If you have thick hair and features natural wave this is great to hold curls all day long.

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