Half up Half down Wedding Hairstyles for Best Wedding Party

The half up half down wedding hairstyles can be your best choice that appropriate with your wedding dress. Let us forget about updos and braids because we want to be seemed natural and feminine, right? In other words, these hairstyles can be your alternative way instead boring hairstyles such as updos which always become the choice by bridesmaids. Some expert hairstylists say that you can enjoy your quality as one of the brides in your wedding party with half up half down hairstyle. Yeah, I do agree with this statement, so what are you waiting for girls? Let us check out them out through this article.


Curly and Tiara for Long hair

Actually, this one of half up half down wedding hairstyles is very simple. But, it offers impressive look for you who have long and curly hair. Moreover, you can add an accessory like tiara in order to add more elegance to your wedding dress. Therefore, you will be a queen in your wedding party. How to style your long and curly style into this hairstyle? Just start with symmetry or asymmetry cut. Then, you can modify by yourself where the tiara is. The point is that it must be somewhere on your upper head. This is the fastest way to enhance your beauty and simplicity of your wedding hairstyle.

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Natural Curls

This is another one of half up half down wedding hairstyles which dealing with curly hair. For this one, you just loose down your curls without any accessory or anything on your head. Of course, it is still sticking up with our main theme today. You can gather them by using your crown actually, but I feel something unnatural by the way. So, it is all up to you to choose a crown or not. The point of this style is that you show a cascade curls with a long curly hair in your wedding. For your information, you will be looked beautiful in any angle of view obviously.

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Long Hair

Once again, long hair is the proper choice for half up half down wedding hairstyles. With this length, you can create the style which you one easier than short hair. Yeah, we got lack of hairstyle for the short one. Thus, let us play with long hair in the third style. Here, I suggest you do not take anything that will modify your hair such as curling iron, bouffant and other curls. So, what we are going to do is maximizing what you have now. The long hair will be better if you use pinned locks on the front rather than on the back. Therefore you can loosen down the back hair properly.

half up half down bridal hairstyles pinterest


We can conclude that half up half down wedding hairstyles above is about maximizing the natural looks of your hair. I suggest using loose hair no matter whether it is curls or not. These hairstyles are actually easy-to-maintain and you can stay in comfort zone even the party is still happening in the night. Last but not least, do not afraid to use wedding accessories because your hair is able to use it.

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