Hairstyles by Face Shape


When you go to salon and meet a hair stylist make sure that your hairstylist knows well about your face shape. Why do you need to do so? It is because if your hairstylist doesn’t know your face shape then you will get horrible result on your haircuts. Great haircuts can be gotten because your hairstylist knows well about face shape. The great hairstyles are predominately about shape and geometry, it is all about putting the perfect frame around a person’s face to bring perspective to the overall shape.


Furthermore, you have to know that the shape of your haircuts have to minimize the non pleasing attributes and promote the good side of your face. So, you have to have good communication with your hairstylist before you got your hair cut. It is very important so your stylist will know what shape and what kind of haircuts will work best on you.


You can also decide what is your face shape once you know the character of each face shape. There are seven face shape; oval, square, diamond, oblong, round, heart shaped, and triangular. The oval face shape have curvilinear shape and the forehead and jaw are the same width. The square face shape have strong and broad forehead and also have the angular jaw.


The diamond face shape have narrow forehead and jawline, while the cheekbones are wide and high. Meanwhile, long and straight cheek lines is the character of the oblong face shape. Round face shape have circular shape while the heart shape have wide forehead and cheekbones but narrow jawline. When you have wide jawline and narrow forehead and cheekbones, it means you have triangular face shape.


Now after you know your face shape, communicate with your hairstylist what kind of hair style that work best on your face shape.

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