Hairstyles by Face Shape

Feeling bored with your hairstyles now? Surely when you bored you want to try new hairstyle to make your face look fresh and brand new. But before you find your hairstyle that you want to try, are you sure that the one you choose will look good on you? So how do you know whether the hairstyle suitable for you or not? It is easy, you just need to determine your face shape first.


Faces commonly have six based shapes; oval, round, oblong, square, diamond, and heart. Then, what you should do is determining your face shape by pull your hair back away from your face, and take a good look in the mirror, decide which shape is your face. Here are the characteristic of each face shape;


Oval face have forehead which is wider than chin while round have chubby cheeks and equal length and width of face. Square face have prominent jaw and square chin while oblong face is slightly longer and have pointy chin. Heart face have wide forehead and cheekbones while diamond face make your forehead and your jaw line are narrow with your cheekbones being the widest part of your face.


For oval face the best hairstyle is any kinds of hairstyles. Meanwhile the round face goes well with long hair. Short hair will only make round face looks rounder. For you who have heart shape face short hairstyle or shoulder length hairstyle will look good on you. In the other side, for oblong face, it is better to use wavy hairstyle or short hair.






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