Hairstyle For The Ball: Updos For Homecoming

Homecoming is coming as the start a new school year and the last days of summer are disappearing into fall. Now it’s time to select the perfect hairstyle to match with perfect dress and amazing pair of shoes. Check out these stunning updos for homecoming and find out how to easily refashion them for desirable, crown-worthy curls.

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Flirty Curls

These cascading curls make the perfect look paired with long locks for updos for homecoming. It can be achieved easily at home creating a flirtatiously stylish style featuring a criss-cross in the back. Begin with an iron to curl only the mid-channel to ends of your hair and let it cool down.

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Accomplish a more ruffled texture by lightly comb your fingers through them. Separate from just behind the ear to the front of your hair on each side. Tug one front piece to the back and cross it over to the contrasting side. Secure with a bobby pin. Tug back the rest of front section. Hide the first pin using the hair and tuck beneath falling curls to cover the second bobby pin. Mist with a shine enhancing hairspray to add a silky, glowing finish while taming flyaway and frizz. All hair types and face shapes work perfect especially a round facial shape.

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The Vintage Classic

A ponytail never goes out of style with this elegant spin of updos for homecoming. It’s easy to recreate on your hair as it is simple but formal. Start to curl with a large barrel iron all of your hair in two inch sections. Use a soft-bristle paddle brush to smooth over curls forming flowing waves.

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Pleat locks to one side and lock firmly with a transparent elastic band. Wrap the section of hair about the elastic taking strands from the underneath of your ponytail and lock with bobby pins. Mist a thin coat of hairspray to hold without weighing down your waves. Medium to thick hair with any face shapes is perfect for this classic nature side ponytail.


The Braided Headband

For those who want the low upkeep but still wants to stand out, this natural updos for homecoming is perfect. Braids can be worn by almost any hair type and dimension and are extremely in style this season, merely by modifying the thickness of your sections. Mist with a prep spray preceding to flat ironing for further straight hair.

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Create a braid with three strands close your hairline and from just behind the ear. You can get creative or just create a simple, basic one. Keep it lovely and fitted for the whole night by Securing with clear elastic. Tug braid over the top of head and to the other flank. As you on track on the other side, pin at the same place.

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