Haircuts for Men with Thin Hair

Men who choose short hair will be able to conceal the bald spots and thinner areas by choosing the right haircut for their hairstyle. Close-cropped is one of the short hairstyle which are great for hiding bald spots or hiding the thin hair. Long hair could also look good in the early stages of hair thinning by leaving the hair on the top and back unaffected.


If you need low maintenance hairstyle then choose buzz cut hairstyle to minimize the appearance of thinning hair on the crown. This stylish hair can be get by cut the hair very short in uniform length.


Meanwhile, the crew cut hairstyle will look good on men who want to recede the hairline at the temples or the crown. Moreover, this stylish hairstyle can minimize the appearance of thinning hair by blending the thinner areas with the rest. Simply cut short the sides and keep longer the top hair.


Keep the bangs hair longer in front while cut the sides, back and top of the hair shorter to create Caesar cut. After that, the hair is brushed forward with an upward push.


If you are men who have problem with thinning hair around the temples, then choose the faux hawk hairstyle to create a small, but noticeable spike in the middle to help divert attention from hair loss.


Spiky hairstyle is the most popular hairstyle for men with thin hair. It is suitable for men who have hair loss near the temples, as it requires the hair on the sides and back to be kept short. The top hair will be tousled and created a messy spike by gel.



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