Hair Style for Women 2017, Some of the Best Inspirations

There are some of the trendy hair styles for women 2017 that are happening back again from the years (or even decades) ago. Some of them are also new and different from the others – created and styled to give a refreshing look and haircut. So, what are the hairstyles to expect?

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Hair Style for Women 2017: The New Old

As it was mentioned before, some of the old haircuts are making a comeback and they just look great for the new hair styles for women 2017. The pigtails and the braids, for instance, are returning to the platform taking a whole new look with the similar approach. The big braids and the country-style single braid are looking great. If you like the braids from the 80s, you can manage such a look too. Remember the signature Princess Leia from Star Wars? You can also achieve such a look if you have enough time to pull it off.


Some of the styles also include the Cotenant and the Afro style from the 80s. Remember back then when the bigger the hair (or the pompous the style), the better it will be? You can also take the idea from the half up and half down pompous style with the big upper side taken from the 60s inspiration. If you are able to pair it up with the right makeup, you can really create such a creative and good looking effect.

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Another inspiration is the curly waves, inspired by the none other than Marilyn Monroe. With the short curly blonde, such a style is sassy, sexy, and fashionable. This is said to be the next best thing in hair styles for women 2017. Gigi Hadid has sported the look and she is just marvelous!


Hair Style for Women 2017: The New Inspirations

And now for the new haircut, you can consider having the layered lob – or the long bob. It was basically inspired by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley but made popular by Selena Gomez. Such a lob style can create a messy and yet sassy style with the layered look, perfect for all kinds of hair texture. You can manage your thick, wave, fair, or straight hair with such a look. This style was based on the last year’s cut and yet there is some edges on the choppy cut. If you want to achieve messy and casual look without too much effort, the lob is a great option for the hair styles for women 2017.

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