Hair Color Trends 2017, Some of the Attractive Options

As we are entering the new year, it becomes quite common to expect the newest hair color trends 2017 that may inspire you to try something different. We have seen it a lot, really, with hair colors come and go and changing every now and so. So, what you can expect in the 2017? Well, some hair experts say that some of the regular colors will return but some of them are pretty new and different. There is a new shade and form of the balayage, which is the metallic hair with the grayish effect. So, which new color will be suitable for you?

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Hair Color Trends 2017: Some of the Extreme Changes

If you want something drastic or even extreme for your hair makeover, why not try the hair split? It is included in the hair color trends 2017 because of the unique aspects of using two different contrast colors next to each other. Let’s say you dye the hair on your right in pink or lilac and then you color the other half in balayage or even green. It creates an odd but stylish effect that will definitely turn heads.

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If you really want to stand out among the crowds, you can try coloring your hair in lilac – yes, just like what Katy Perry had done. The color was beautiful and it really popped. You can consider different shades or hues from the pastel to the bold and bright lilac. Playing with such a hair color can really improve your look – and you get to tweak your makeup too! Isn’t it fun?

2017 hairstyles for medium


If you want to try something different but not so much with the brightness and bold colors, why not coloring your hair in ash gray? This has become one of the most popular hair color trends 2017 that creates shine. Mind you, though, that not everyone will look good in such a color. If you don’t like the result, don’t hesitate to change.


Hair Color Trends 2017: The Mild Tones and Changes

Strawberry blonde is a nice alternative if you want to look different but not in such a drastic way. Redheads are sexy and they have the most beautiful colors. Bring along the pictures of Bella Thorne if you want to get your hair colored – your hair stylist would know what to do.


Mahogany is another attractive color you can consider. It is the dark brown hue with a tint of reddish streaks underneath. You can consider this color in your hair color trends 2017 list and see how appealing it will make you.

Hair Color Trends 2017