Hair Color for Brown Hair

Brown hair is beautiful, but sadly sometimes it easily looks dry and dull. So how to make it looks better? Well if you choose to coloring your brown hair, you should know the coloring technique first because hair coloring technique is what plays a major role in imparting the ultimate look.


To make your brown hair looks better you can opt to add color shades to your brown hair. Of course, you have to do this by choosing the right technique which is depends on your hair style and hair texture. For example; highlights work well for straight hair but the technique might not suit those having curly locks.


Adding flashy highlights to your brown hair for a complete color coverage might be a good idea. When choosing highlighting your hair, you can choose blonde, golden brown or honey blonde color. Meanwhile if you love the nowadays trend; the two tone color, you can go for light golden brown with chocolate brown, honey blonde with brown, medium ash brown with golden blonde, honey blonde with light golden highlights, or ash brown with ash blonde highlights.




Other than highlighting your brown hair, you can also opt for shading your brown hair. The shades color that you can try are light brown, medium ash brown, dark brown, burgundy, medium reddish brown, and deep black. If you dare to be a bit different, you can choose the dark cherry red, rich dark auburn, ginger brown, chestnut, chocolate copper, warm mocha, brown cinnamon, or the stylish, sun-kissed brown. If you do not interesting with that color you still have another option like golden bronze, light brownish blonde, and light golden brown. For a jazzy look, you can shades your hair using honey blonde, chestnut blonde, golden blonde, light golden, ginger blonde, golden walnut, glazed strawberry, and honey ginger.

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