Good Haircuts for Curly Hair


For people who have curly hair whether it is men or women, they might have bad experience in getting haircuts for their curly hair. Sometimes it is because the style that you chose is not suitable with your curly hair which finally just make your hair looks horrible.


The first thing you have to do before cutting your curly hair is find the best hairstylist who know the most about curly hair because they will know your problem and will give you the best result of haircut on your curly hair. Communicate with your hairstylist what kind of style suitable with your face shape and your curly hair. You may also search the hairstyle in the internet or magazine. After that, discuss with your hairstylist.


You have to realize that there are types of curls, so you have to know that every curly haircuts will not the same because it depends on the curl style. The curl pattern decide how your hair will look like after the haircuts. To get the good haircuts for curly hair you have to know what type of hair do you have.


For long and curly you can go blunt along the bottom and add slice to the outer layer to create movement and keep the hair from appearing triangular. Meanwhile for medium curly hair, you can sliced your curls shorter and at different lengths to create movement and maintain balance among the curls. Don’t layer your medium curly hair if you don’t want to look awkward. For short curly hair, you can try the pixie cut or two-length style hairstyle.


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