Famous Black Celebrity Hairstyles for your daily activity

If you need inspiration for your hair, maybe black celebrity hairstyles can be your alternative. We know that black celebrities are so popular now such as Rihanna, Beyonce and many more. It means that we are not only admiring them but also their hairstyles. Yeah, adopting celebrities hairstyles are such a very good milestone for our appearance. It is also very easy for us to adopt just by looking to their photo and then do-it-yourself or going to your professional hairstylists. Thus, we will help you to gather all of the hits hairstyles in this year from those black celebrities.

black celebrity bob hairstyles 2013

Beyonce’s Fringe

First of all, Beyonce is our best inspiration for our black celebrity hairstyles. This fringe is very appropriate if you have textured hair already. Moreover, the bangs are very adorable to add your characteristics easily. However, you need to use de-frizzing smoothing every day to maintain the form. Before that, you must get wet hair firstly. Then, apply the smoothing on your strands and lastly blowing dry it with your brush. I prefer to use round brush to make a complete result for your entire hair. You can take a finishing move with flat iron to get sleeker hair as same as Beyonce’s fringe.

black celebrity bob hairstyles 2014

Rihanna Hairstyles

The next black celebrity hairstyles are leading us into one talented singer in the world, Rihanna. I cannot count how many times she changes her hair until now. But, one point which never changes is that she always stuns us in every single hairstyle. She tries from short into the long one and she never fails her fans who want to follow her hairstyle at the moment. One of the notable hairstyle is when she used natural texture with undercut on the sides. Of course, you can adopt this hairstyle by adding high-gloss serum to make it more natural when it dries.

black celebrity braided hairstyles 2013

Solange Knowles’ strand

Her hairstyle can be selected as your choice when you want to attend a formal event. She makes her hair into sleeker and natural with black color. To make it smoother, you can use flat iron. After that, make a center part of your hair. It will improve your face shape in a better way. Then, add low ponytail to increase your elegances. To maintain your ponytail, use elastic band with the same color as your hair. What about the pony next? Take it is girls, just tie them up naturally wherever they want. In another way, tight bun can be your alternative.

black celebrity hair 2014

Jennifer Hudson’s side braid

Other elegant black celebrity hairstyles were used by Jennifer Hudson. Once again you need to use flat iron for this hairstyle. The best part here is by using your left eyebrow as your hair guideline in order to make the side part. Do not worry if you have some bangs. Just follow your side-hair to make them more naturally and beautiful. So, you can do braiding after all of the preparations are done. Starting from your neck and using elastic band as your securement are the best idea to support your braid. Last but not least, hair spray is your finishing move.

black celebrity haircuts 2013

Jordin Sparks’ spiral

The last one of black celebrity hairstyles is spiral hairstyle as same as Jordin Sparks. This hairstyle requires curling cream and its styling tool if you do not have curling iron. After that, the hair should be in long hair. For the measurement, I prefer to use ½ inch of curling set. Then, just roll them up until the end. The direction should be the opposite of your current hair in order to gain better results and very natural finish obviously. At last, you will have the sexy hair just as Jordin Sparks.

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