Essential Steps To How To Style Curly Hair

If you think only curly girls are jealous to women with straight hair, you are wrong. Many women with straight hair are envious to those who were born with naturally curly hair. They spend hours to imitate what originates naturally to you using curling irons. But many women with super curly hair may find it irritating when their curly hair frizz up in some season. This may lead you to desperate to have straight hair. Here are steps to how to style curly hair so you are free from frizz on your busy day.


Spend Money in a Good Ceramic Flat Iron

A great ceramic flat iron is a great investment to how to style curly hair by going straight on occasion. It’s a great iron that won’t fry your hair and much timesaving.

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Love Your Natural Curl

Remove away your flat iron if you’re in a hot, humid climate. After spending hours straightening your hair, your straight hair returns to its curl when you go outside. So when you are in humid climate, how to style curly hair? Just keep the curl. Store the flat iron and show your natural curl. Your hair will be healthier if you go natural and you can save time from drying and straightening hair. Just stand out in the crowd of straight hair women.

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Avoid Frizz

Curly hair can get problem from humidity. Curly hair is vulnerable to humid air as it tends to be dry and absorb moisture. This causes frizz since cuticles expand. How to style curly hair? Preventing frizz include maintaining moisture. You need a few hair products to keep hair correctly moisturized such as a styling product containing silicone, a leave-in conditioner, non-sulfate shampoo, and a deep conditioner.


You May Still Go Straight

Using a little bit of energy or chemicals is the benefit to curly hair when going straight. a blow dryer, a good brush, and a flat iron are how to style curly hair that you can do it yourself or try having a professional blow dry. There are many blow dry bars you can visit to gets your curly hair blown dried straight. No one will know you have naturally curly hair.

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There are options to straight you hair permanently but all of them are controversial. Keratin treatments or Brazilian keratin treatments still remain popular today.

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These treatments eliminates frizz from curly hair giving more practicable curls and more effortlessly straightened with a flat iron. Or make your hair stick straight with the Japanese hair straightening methods while a wide-toothed comb and perm solution allow you to straighten your hair yourself.

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