Enhance Your Personality With Popular Asian Male Hairstyles

Thick and straight locks are popular among Asian men as the hairs are spongy allowing them look polished and rich and to trap more humidity. There are some extremely striking styles that Asian men can now use based on the physical appearance of their hairs Thanks to the trending and modern hairstyles for men. Here is a list of hot and up-to-the-minute Asian male hairstyles that will certainly redefine your style look.


Short Hair Cuts

For people who need a perfect blend of style with minimalism, textured short Asian male hairstyles are the best option. Achieve the imprint of a professional with a good style preference with this Short hair with textures.

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Bald is the new gallant. It is an indication of self-assurance and shows other that you are a man who are in charge and always prepare for a change. Getting bald gives you the self-assured appearance and most bold among the many Asian male hairstyles.

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Faux hawk

The most favorable Asian male hairstyles are faux hawk and are mostly worn by sports superstars. Messier faux hawk is an obvious sign that you’ve got boldness and the hair is preferable among youngsters.

male hairstyles for straight hair

Razored Crop

You will never get old simply by Razored shag. This hairstyle is popular Asian male hairstyles in Japan, China, Korea, and other parts of Asia as well. You want to find a professional hairstylist to provide you a cut for perfect razor cut Asian male hairstyles which match your face shape and your personality.


Shoulder Length

Popular Asian male hairstyles still include well-kept and layered shoulder length hairs. Obtain the perfect carefree boy look with this hairstyle. Show your richness and shiny hair with this shoulder length hair style.

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Medium Length

Medium length hairstyle is a smart choice and simple although not a new invention in Asian male hairstyles. For both casual and formal dresses, it works like a charm and provides a cool imprint.

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Cute Fringe

Although Fringes are preferable for girls and women hairstyle, but it is popular among Asian male hairstyles. Side long fringe or short fringe is choices for this style. Add your personality with adorability and flair factors.

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One of the boldest Asian male hairstyles is Mohawk. You need to taper your side hair and save the central part of hair from front to back. Use styling gel to hold the Mohawk hairstyle. Other prefers to get punk style but some guys choose for messy Mohawk.