DIY Organic Hair Mask

Everything that is organic is pretty much a hot trend nowadays. Not only it is a hot item, but it is also great for both your body and the environment, because using it won’t release a poisonous chemical into the air we breathe. Not only that you can also repair your hair using organic ingredients. So today we will give you some tips on creating Organic Hair Mask uses organic ingredients.

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Egg and Lemon

We all know that Egg is great for nourishing hair, but add some lemon to it and you’ll get a great nourishing DIY Organic Hair Mask. So to make this what you need is one egg, one cup of milk, ½ cut of lemon, and twotablespoons of organic olive oil (or any oil your choice). You will only need the egg yolk, so separate the white part, then mixed it in a bowl with the one cup of milk and the olive oil until it gets the gooey texture. For the last add the lemon juice into the mixture and apply it to your hair.

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This hair mask will help make your hair shinier because of the fatty acid. It also helps preventing hair loss and balding, healing damage hair so it’s great for those who tied their hair too much and work under the sunlight. It’s also great for hair growth as well.

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Banana and Honey

The next Organic Hair Mask we will make will need two overripe bananas (so don’t throw them away yet), one tablespoon of coconut oil, one tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey. First blend the bananas until it smooth, then add the olive oil, coconut oil and the honey to the mixture and make sure they all perfectly blend. Then you all free to apply it to your hair. What you will get from this hair mask is, it will strengthen your follicles and scalp, nourishing your dry hair-if your hair is dry, and also it can heal damage hair as well.

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