Cute Mid Length Hairstyles You’ll Love

A medium length can be your best choice if you can’t decide whether you want long or short hair. It’s because of the versatility and in between length. It is manageable and easy to style when wearing mid length haircuts. It is long enough for you to try with the look that require a little length but are short enough for easy maintenance. Try these cute mid length hairstyles that may give you inspiration for your next look.

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Golden Stack

You will get longer in the front, shorter in the back, and stacked low with this long bob for a super trendy look. Get this by applying a styling spray to damp hair.

medium length hairstyles naturally wavy hair

Use a large round brush when Blow dry sections of hair. Use a serum to smooth out frizz and add shine. Hold style with a finishing spray. These cute mid length hairstyles fit with low to medium hair texture and density and wider face shapes.

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Vintage Amber

This cute mid length hairstyles feature glamorous waves with a very classic vintage feel. You can obtain the look by creating a deep side part on hair and then mist with a thermal protection spray to protect soft waves. Use a curling wand on sections of hair all in one direction.

medium length hairstyles

Use a dressing brush through the curls. Apply a finishing spray to hold the style and put on a headband. This style will suit with any face shapes with medium hair texture and density.

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These cute mid length hairstyles’long layers are longer in the front and shorter in the back with even from front to back of the lengths. But, it makes a perfect display place for these small waves. Put on thermal protection product to dry hair. Take sections of hair and Curl away from the face and then relax them up with fingers. Apply a finishing spray to hold touchable waves style. This hairstyle will be flattering those Wider face shapes with medium hair texture and density.

medium length hairstyles for fine hair medium length hairstyles for thin hair

Au Naturale

With beautiful naturally curly long bob, you can wear your natural curls in cute mid length hairstyles. Begin with applying a styling spray to damp hair. Boost curls formation by Scrunching hair. Dry hair completely with a diffuser. Scrunch a small amount of pomade into your hair to give curls additional shine and setting. This hairstyle is great for Elongated face shapes with naturally curly hair.