Cute Medium Hair Styles

For girls, getting cute hairstyle is a must. Hair is the crown of every woman and girls, so keep the hairstyle up to date and make it look fabulous is like an important mission. Here is some of the cute medium hair styles that you can try;




The first style is the crimp hair style in which this kind of hair styles works best for fine hair. All you have to do is misting your hair using thickening hair spray then crimp the two inch sections of your hair using crimper attachment. You have to start crimp your hair from the root of your hair.

cute medium hair length hairstyles cute medium hair updosHold the crimper attachment for a minute then movev down the length of the hair and crimp it all. After you finish, tease your crimped hair by back-combing lightly with a brush. Afterwards, brush back the front section, and secure with two bobby pins.





Other cute medium hair style for you is the bubble pony style. This is suitable for prom or for you who want to get glamour and sexy look.

Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner before getting this style, then start blow dry your hair using a paddle brush. Add some texturizing cream to your hair then slick your hair back into high ponytail. Use a cleas elastic band to secure your hair. Tie an elastic band at the center of the ponytail, and wrap another one 3 inches from the ends. Use rattail comb to tease the hair in between the elastic bands to create the bubble shape.