Cute Hairdos for Medium Hair

Hair is the crown for a woman. So for a woman, choosing the best hairstyles for her hair is important. Short hair can be a favorite for girls or women who have many activities and who want easy to maintain style. Long hair is difficult to maintain but women or girls love it so much because the long hair make them have many choices of hairstyles. Meanwhile, some of the people love to have medium hairstyle which is also easy to maintain just like the short hair. The difference between the medium and short hairstyle is just that the medium hairstyle got much more hairstyle than the short hair.

To make cute hairdos for medium hair, you have to prepare what you need before styling your medium hair. They are comb, brush, few hair accessories like clips, pins, rubber bands, and hair sticks. If you plan to curl your hair or straighten your hair then it means you also have to prepare curling or straighten iron. Don’t forget to prepare hair serum and shiny serum to make your hair looks awesome after styling.



The first cute hair style for medium hair that you can do is the messy bun. This hairstyle is suitable for you who are in hurry. It is quick and simple. To make it, you just need to comb all your hair then roll them to form a bun, and fix the bun near the nape of the neck, using a hair stick. Add some bangs and let your fly away hair to create the messy look.



Still talking about bun hairdo, you can create cute hairdo for your medium hair using French bun updo. Create vertical beautiful bun, which is fixed with lots of hair clips.add some accessories clip to make it gorgeous.


You also able to try French braid updo in your cute hairdo for medium hairstyle. First, side part your hair, and at the lesser section of the parting make two mini French braids, and then take the rest of the hair back, and form a simple bun and fix it near the nape of the neck with a rubber band.