Cute Hairdos for Long Hair


Being pretty and prettier is what the young ladies would likely want to have. They want to have their hair cut, have their performance got better, and so on. They want to stand out in front of their other girls. Some sources about how to be pretty might have been accessed every single day to make sure that they are able to follow the steps mentioned there. Do you have long hair? If yes, then you can try some cute hairdos for long hair. It requires creativity to make some ideas mentioned here become more and more unique.


Waterfall Braid

The color of your hair will never be matters for having this waterfall braid hairdos. It uses the braid that is started from the right area of the hair above the ear to end in the left ear. It looks like waterfall since one part of the braided hair is left unravel. These simple hairdos for long hair can be perfectly done only in 5 minutes.


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Twist Ponytail

When you do not even have more time to think about the beauty of your hair since you have already had a lot of works to be solved, twist ponytail can be one of the cute hairdos for long hair. It enables the people to feel their hair unravel and they can play with it. The ponytail can be divided into two than you can twist the first section then you can wrap it around that other one section. Then, voila!



Summer Scarf

Are you interested in this summer scarf idea? It takes your long hair to be transformed to be like having short hair. You can also take use of the scarf to make your hair looks more complete. First of all, you need to wear the scarf around your head. Then you can take a section of your hair in the left side to be twisted in the scarf. This step should have been repeated until your long hair is all wrapped into the scarf. Finally, you can tuck your head into the loose strand and feel the excitement you have.



Tidy Hairdo

Choosing your long hair unravel tidily can be best combined with the tidy hair bow. As it was named, this hairdo will make you have great style because of the simple tie of the hair that forms the bow in the middle of the back head. It is very simple and attractive.

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