Curly Haircuts for Men

For men who have naturally curly hair, there are five model of haircuts that they chair tould try on their curly hair to make their appearance looks different and totally good looking. The top five models are the Undercut, the Afro, the Shake and Go, the Side Swept and the Hanging locks. Those five haircuts is different and each of them is special for specific curly hair type. Let’s check them out;


Start from the undercut haircut style for curly hair style. This haircut is done by clipping half of the hair mass on your scalp and creating sharp edges with left plenty of hair volume than flattened hair. Using this style you just need to style your hair to the back. Another name for undercut hairstyle is bowl cut haircuts. Simply use your finger to style your hair backwards.


Next style is the Afro haircuts. This style is suitable for men which have curly and tightly hair. Of course to get this style of afro haircuts, you have to grow your curly hair on the top of your up to all-round length. Then you van style your hair into Afro style by emphasizing the puffing of your locks using fingers.


The shake and go curly haircuts for men is applied by puffing out and having great overall volume. Simply natural and easy to get.


The side swept curly haircuts suitable for men who own curls that are loose in shape. Simply draw imaginary line from your forehead’s temples with dividing line to all the way back to the crown.


The hanging locks is used by curly hairstyle for men. This style is centered around and make enough hair length that gets curly hair to hang down to puff out as short curly hair.