Curly Hair Styles for Men


Some people in the world think that having curly hair is a disaster. For women maybe some of them think that it is difficult to take care of and difficult to tame the curly hair when it dry. For men, maybe they also think that having curly hair not as cool as they who have straight hair. But wait, not all think so, some men really loves their curly hair because they know what to do with their curly hair.


There are many kinds of curly hair, the first people curly hair will not the same type of curly hair with the second people. So when you try a curly hair styles for your curly hair maybe it different in result with your friends who use the same style but different in the curly type.


How you differentiate your curly hair? Well there are three types of curly hair. The first is wavy which the form similar to S, coiled which similar to E, and Kinky which similar to Z. if you still confused with that, well imagine that the wavy curly type is High Grant hair, the coiled curly hair is the same like Justin Timberlake hair while the Kinky curly is the same like Will Smith hair.


Now you have to know some of curly hair style for men according to your curly type. For wavy curly type, you can try the undercut style. Create a messy look by creating sharp edges and direct your hair backwards using your fingers or wide tooth comb. Shake your head to create a messy look and then direct again your hair backwards using fingers.

For coiled curly hair, it is better to have messy hairstyles because this type of hair look great slicked back or done in a natural shake and go style. So there is nothing wrong if you want to be a bit messy with your hair because your hair texture goes along with it.

Kinky curly type hair can be shaped through the hair clipper because they are naturally short. It is look great when styled the least.