Chic And Funky Short Hairstyles With Bangs And Layers

You could have fantastic look with short hairstyles with bangs and layers. They are low maintenance and do not need too much effort to create. Let’s see this hairstyle list that may be right for you.


Bob with Bangs

These short hairstyles with bangs and layers are a funky way to style shorter hair. Start mist texturizing spray all-over your hair and blow dry roughly using your fingers until your hair is completely dry. Rub some styling wax to your hands and warm them up among your palms.

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Apply them through your hair through your ends to add texture to your hairstyle. Create an edgy finish by pulling your bangs to the side with the remaining wax.

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Brunette with Bangs and Highlights

You can style short hair in a funky way with this look. Start spraying texturizing spray to your hair, and roughly blow dry with your fingers. Define your layers by pulling out the roots of your hair when drying. Once your hair is dry, apply some styling wax to the ends of your layers even more with your fingertips. Complete short hairstyles with bangs and layers with lightweight hairspray to all over the hair.

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Straight style

Achieve stylish hairstyle on short hair with this straight style. Start parting your wet, clean hair slightly to the side and Apply texturizing mousse to wet hair. Blow dry with a round brush. Apply some styling wax using your fingertips to piece out the ends of your bob to add volume. These short hairstyles with bangs and layers are great for daily use or going out for party.


Brunette Bob with Highlights and Bangs

This bob style is chic short hairstyles with bangs and layers. Begin applying smoothing cream to moist hair and immediately use a round brush when blow dry. Create extra straight hair by running a flat iron over the tips of your hair. Add some sheen with shine spray to all over the hair.

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Sophisticated short hair

You can obtain refined look with these short hairstyles with bangs and layers and you can carry them to the mall or market. Begin spraying with volumizing spray all over the hair and add volume with a round brush and blow dryer at each section.

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Apply a slight of styling wax with fingertips and add movement by piece out the layers of your bob. Pleat your hair behind your ears or allow it fall forward according to your preference.