Bring Back the Retro! Pin Up Hairtsyle Tutorial

Retro Chic is really hot right now. If you are interested in bringing back this look, Girls, you need more than a 50 style dresses to live it up. Get the signature Pin Up Hairtsyle as well. Today we will give you some easy Pin Up Hairtsyle tutorial.


pin up hairstyle tutorial

Pin Up Hairtsyle For Long Hair

Let’s start with tutorial for long hair. First what you need to prepare is hair curler, hair spray, and hair slicker also some hair pin. Let’s begin by brushing your hair first make sure there is nothing tangled there, then parted your hair to several parts that is two parts at the front and put away the rest. Curl the first part of your hair and then keep the curl and pin them down above your head, do the same with the other side.

pin up hairstyles with bandana tutorial

Move along to the back part, you can curl them because remember, curls are the signature of Pin Up Hairtsyle. This will result in a super spiral curl, now spray a little bit of Hairspray and brush them away to make it wavy. Add hair slicker to give them some shine look if you want. Then take off your front hair and roll them and create a small donut and make the donut facing the front, do the same with another part and it’s done.

40s pin up hairstyles tutorial 50s pin up hairstyles tutorial (1)

Pin Up Hairtsyle For Short Hair

Short hair can also become a great part of Pin Up Hairtsyle. First separate your front hair into several partsaccording to the thickness of your hair. Then start curling them inside, but make sure they will end upwards from your forehead. Now start curling the rest of your hair after dividing them into several parts. Then start teasing every part of it a little bit before you brush them away to give a messy curl hair. For the front curl, brush them away from your hair, and tease a little bit of the bottom part, then using your finger swipe them a little bit to the side. Get a hair scarf and tie them around your head as an accessory.

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