Brad Pitt Long Hair, How to Achieve the Good Look

What’s the fuss about Brad Pitt long hair, anyway? Well, if you are one of the stylish men who are paying detailed attention to your daily look and appearance, choosing the right hairstyles is important. And among so many hairstyle inspirations from the Hollywood celebrities, this type of hairstyle is definitely doable. Not to mention that you will sport a good look without having to break a sweat.

brad pitt long hairstyles

Brad Pitt Long Hair: The Characteristics

Well, one of the things about Brad Pitt – besides the fact that he is a good actor – is the fact that he has good appearance too. His laid back and relaxed manner are reflected through his hairstyle, which is quite flexible. He changes his haircut quite a lot for his role but he mostly likes the breezy and long mane because of the relaxed and airy effect – and you have to admit that he looks very good in such a style, anyway.

brad pitt medium hair

If you want to imitate Brad Pitt long hair, there are some of the ideas that you can take from his movies. You can get ideas and inspirations from his past movies like The Legend of the Fall and The Interview with the Vampire. On those two movies, he wore his real hairstyle in stylish long mane, although not in the real color for Interview with the Vampire. His hair isn’t completely straight but it is not curly either. It is a slightly wavy but with soft and silky appearance that makes you want to run your fingers through the tendrils.

Brad Pitt Long Hair: The Inspirations

Brad Pitt long hair can really look good for your everyday style – even in a professional setting. Just like in the vampire Lestat movie, you can always tie the hair on the nape to make a slicker and neater look. Of course, feel free to let your hair let loose after the working hour is over. And just like in the movies, you can use the silk bow to tie the hair. If you aren’t into such a thing, a simple black hair tie will do.

brad pitt hairstyles

What’s important is that you need to keep your hair clean and neat. Trim the ends at least once a month and you can have a sleek style by combing it backwards. Wash the hair once every two days so it will remain clean and fresh – and smells nice too. You can always sport the Brad Pitt long hair-inspired style if you have good hygiene.