Brad Pitt Haircut Fury, Looking Good with Undercut

Another hair trend is taken from Brad Pitt haircut Fury, and how it affects many men on the global world to imitate such style. The movie sparks attention not only because of the dramatic scenes of how the soldiers fight against the Nazi in the tank but about Brad Pitt’s hairstyle too. Yes, the setting was taken from the 40s but it doesn’t mean that such a style can’t be implemented in today’s modern world for the modern men.

Brad Pitt Haircut Fury style

Brad Pitt Haircut Fury: The Plot

Movie Fury was released in 2014 but the popularity of the movie as well as the fashion styles are still talked until today. In that movie, Pitt was playing as Don Collier, a brutal tank commander in the war against Nazi. Besides the movie plot, one of the major talks was about his hairstyle and how Pitt managed to look slick and classy and yet somehow modern with his haircut. And since then , the so called Brad Pitt haircut Fury has started to make a talk.

Brad Pitt Haircut Fury Length

So, what is the hairstyle all about, anyway? Well, basically it is an undercut and a Pompadour style on the front. The undercut hairstyle is when you shave the sides and the back of the hair, leaving the front upper part and the upper area intact. Then, you style the remaining hair with the Pompadour style (remember Elvis?) to create a slick and yet modern look. This style is somehow liked by most men because it can speak volumes of so many different styles – it shows your rebellious side without making you looks cheesy or messy.

slicked back hair brad pitt

Brad Pit Haircut Fury: Movie Inspirations

Brad Pitt haircut Fury isn’t the first time that Pitt has created a trend based on his roles in movies. Remember his short and spiky cut from the Fight Club (yes, complete with the goatee) or the long and lustrous silky hair from The Legend of the Fall? Also remember his stylish buzz cut hairstyle from Mr. and Mrs. Smith? You can take inspirations from his movies and sport various effects and flairs with different cuts.

brad pitt undercut fury

Brad Pitt Haircut Fury: Hair Products

Of course, you are going to need several different hair products to achieve a good undercut model. It is obvious to use a good shampoo and conditioner to have a smooth and silky effect so your hair remains relax and easy to control.  You can choose wax or clay to create the slick effect. Remember, clay is drier so it is good to create messy effect. If you want a really slick Brad Pitt haircut Fury, it is better to choose the wax.