Blow Drying your Curly Hair

Having curly hair naturally should make you happy because sometimes people who have straight hair adore them who have curly hair because curly hair looks awesome. Yes, it is true that curly hair makes you look so sexy especially when you know how to treat it right. To treat the curly hair can be started from the way you blow dry your curly hair.

blow dry curly hair straight yourself blow dry curly hair straight blow dry curly hair upside down

What you need to prepare before blow drying your curly hair is hair dryer which have diffuser attachment, wide toothed comb and also conditioner spray.

Before starting to blow dry of course you have to wash your hair first. Right after that, dry your hair with towel for a minute and apply the conditioner for your hair.Let your hair get air dry for about 10 minutes or more then tilt your head down and flip your curly hair forward. Start the hair dryer to blow dry your curly hair from the near the scalp with a diffuser.

blow dry curly hair wavy blow dry curly hair with cold air

After you done with that area, then flip back your curly hair and allow your hair to rest and dry naturally. If you want a maximum volume on your hair you can scrunch your hair with fingers when your hair is completely dry. If you want extra curls, do the scrunch by adding some product to keep your curls. Let your hair without disturb it when it is in the process of drying. blow dry curly hair with diffuser blow dry curly hair with round brush blow dry curly hair without a diffuser blow dry curly hair without frizz blow dry curly hair how to blow dry curly coarse hair


Then what if there is some baby hair which is curl up in your hairline? Just let it be if you want it, but if you get disturbed by it, simply create a tiny fuzz by placing a large headband at your hairlines when you dry your hair.

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