Blow Dry Curl

We cannot choose what kind of hair when we were born. We were born in different styles of hair such as; straight, wavy and curly. For straight and wavy hair, there might me no difficulties in treating them. But for the curly hair, we need extra caring in treating them. To blow dry straight and wavy hair is not as difficult as blow dry curl. For the curly hair, here are some steps to blow dry curl;

blow dry curly hair without a diffuser how to blow dry curly coarse hair blow dry curly hair

First step, of course you have to wash your hair. Choose the right shampoo which is suitable with your hair condition whether it is dry, normal or oily. Then, get all the water out of your hair. In this thing, you can use towel for few minutes and then use wide toothed comb to help you get the water out from your hair.

Next step on blow dry curl is apply hair conditioning which help to protect your hair from the heat source such as the heat of the dryer. This is needed because if the dryer is too hot it can damage your hair, so it is important to apply some conditioner first before you blow dry your hair.


blow dry curly hair without frizz blow dry curly hair with round brush blow dry curly hair with diffuser

The next step on blow dry curl is turn on the blow dryer and choose the lowest heat that is possible. Blow dry your hair until it feels less damp before you start to use the medium heat on your blow dryer. blow dry curly hair with cold air blow dry curly hair wavy blow dry curly hair upside down blow dry curly hair straight blow dry curly hair straight yourself


Then comb and blow dry your hair in medium heat. Brush your hair using brush without bristles then switch the blow dryer to high heat. After your hair dry, scrunch and spray your curl with serum or your favorite products which can hold your curl and reduce your frizzy hair.