Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Having blonde hair color is totally awesome as many of celebrity also have blonde hair color. But what if you want something new? Something to make you feel brand new with your change of hair color. Here are some of the best blonde hair color ideas that you can try on your awesome blonde hair color;


Lets start from the closest color from your natural hair color, try on the dark blonde with highlights. This hair color suitable for you who want hair color which not too light but also not too dark. You can add lighter shade to make your hair looks shiny.


Try on butter blonde color if you want your hair to look silky and buttery. Surely everyone who sees you will see sophisticated character of yours.


Ombre color are definitely yours whether you love to lightning or darkening your hair color. You can create light shade of brown which will look so awesome on your hair.


Lets try getting out of the box by changing your hair color into fabulous strawberry blonde hair by applying red ripe strawberry color into your blonde hair.


Other color that you might try for your blonde hair is rose blonde. Shade your blonde hair with the color of sexy rose which will make you feel so lovely.


If you have short blonde hair then why don’t you try on coloring your hair with vanilla color. Many of our celebrity has choosing this color and they look wonderful with it, so why don’t you give it a try.


Gold highlight combine with mild red undertones become a great combination to flatter everyone who sees you. Add some pink color to blush up the cheeks and color your eye with pink eye shadows.


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