Blazing Shoulder Length Hair Styles

You can achieve multiple looks with These elegant shoulder length hair styles as they drop down right at perfect spot with Not too long and not too short length. They can be wavy and cool, straight and smooth, or curly and sweet that are fit for any occasion. Explore this beauty in a simple mid-length cut as you browse haircuts with minimal layers. Pick one of the hairstyles as is or personalize the style according your need.

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Seductive Waves

These shoulder length hair styles feature thick waves that upswing and drop with elegance helping soften up your look. You can achieve amazing look with a simple cut with no layering. It is really glow with bright copper color. Start using a round brush or paddle brush when blow dry to smooth. Curl back and away medium sized vertical pieces of hair with a large barrel curling iron starting at and from your face.

easy care medium length hairstyles (3) easy care medium length hairstyles

Mist with a light hold texture spray or hairspray for a light waxy texture and flexible hold to define curls and layers. Apply a bit of serum through hair to add incredible shine. Pull through curls to make them look loose and break them up a bit. Any faces and naturally wavy hair with fine to thick hair look amazing with this style. Curl very quickly when curling iron the bangs or you may get too considerably of a roll. Use a flat iron instead for a better result to sweep bangs back that will still help adding a flip on the tips without over curling.

Medium-length-hair-styleshoulder length hairstyles for prom

Auburn Aura

You can truly highpoint your smooth shiny hair with slight layers. Make this look really amazing with the angled layers in facade and textured bangs. Make an exciting hot statement by adding a trace of red to this brunette. Apply smoothing serum in your moist, clean hair to protect your hair from heat, control frizz and humidity and add shine. Blow-dry your hair with a paddle brush to surely help make your hair smooth.

shoulder length hairstyles for thin hair shoulder length hairstyles for thin hair

Continue blow dry medium sized sections of hair with a medium sized round brush starting near your neck. Continue blow dry dropping away the rest of hair section until hair is totally dry. Blow dry forward and down your bangs. Really bevel hair under and in the direction of the face with a flat iron. Add sleekness and sheen to your bangs with flat iron and any other threads required. Any face shapes and thicker and straighter hair will be perfect for these shoulder length hair styles.


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