Best Men’s Shampoos & Conditioners For Your Hair Type

All right, so let’s get into the best shampoos and conditioners for your hair type.

If you’re thinning or balding the main goal with choosing a hair loss shampoo and conditioner is two things.

So first you want to slow down and prevent further hair loss and then the second thing is you want to add volume to your hair so that it appears fuller.

The best way to prevent and slow down further hair loss is by having your scalp be clean and healthy and free from any kind of DHT which is actually found in your sebum that’s produced from your scalp.

To combat this you actually want to use Nizoral shampoo every three days.

Nizoral shampoo is the only shampoo on the market that contains a very specific ingredient that will prevent any kind of further hair loss by getting rid of any DHT that’s found on the scalp.

There are other shampoos out there that will claim they will prevent further hair loss but it’s not true.

Nizoral is the only one.

The only down side though with this shampoo is that it does make your hair appear limp and lifeless.

What you want to do is use a volumizing conditioner by Nioxin, like I’ve got here, to combat that.

When you are not using Nizoral, definitely use Nioxin’s shampoo and conditioner because it’s going to help promote a healthy and clean scalp and it will also volumize your hair so it appears fuller.

If you have fine hair then the goal is to make your hair appear thicker and fuller.

So oily, greasy hair is your absolute enemy because it will actually make your hair appear even finer than it is since what it does is it separates your hair and then you start to really see your scalp.

So you don’t want that.

I highly recommend going with the plumping shampoo and conditioner by Kevin Murphy.

It’s an excellent product that will actually strengthen each hair and it will add a lot of volume to your hair by plumping each individual hair strand so that it appears fuller.

The only thing you have to just kind of get over is the color.

I know it’s not the most masculine but the product is that great and will really work for your fine hair.

For a more budget friendly alternative there’s also V76 by Vaughn.

They have a really great shampoo and conditioner that is highly recommended as well which you can find in my article.

If you have kinky, curly or coarse hair unlike your thin hair brethren you can never have enough moisture.

So you want to choose products that have extra moisture in them especially when it comes to your conditioner because that will just help cut back on the frizz and help your hair become more manageable.

Once you condition your hair you can actually skip the rinse and have it function as a leave in conditioner, but if you think that’s too weird then you can just get a separate leave in conditioner that you’ll put into your hair after you towel dry it while it’s still damp for maximum moisture and smoothness.

Once again, Kevin Murphy makes an excellent shampoo and conditioner called Smooth Again.

There’s also two other brands that are highly recommended which I’ll include in my article linked in the description below so be sure to check that out because it will really cut down on dryness and frizziness.

I also included the best leave in conditioners as well.

For wavy or straight hair you don’t need anything too crazy, so I really love Jack Black’s All Over Wash because not only is it lightweight and you can use it on your hair but it can also be used as a face and body cleanser.

I know that sounds really weird and Dorian was definitely skeptical about this but after using it he really loves it and actually said that it lives up to all the hype.

If you don’t want the all in one solution then Kevin Murphy and two other brands make excellent shampoos and conditioners.