Best Curly Hair Styles For Men For Special Events

Many formal hairstyles have a smooth, silky look, but those who have naturally curly hair do not have to straighten and sophisticate their hair. You can keep your locks away from heated styling iron that may damage and break the hair as it can dry out hair over time. Just wear your natural texture but style it so it works for you. Use a faux bob or a curled roll style as these curly hair styles for men are fashionable enough for any special events.

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Tools And Supplies
You will need some items for this curly hair styles for men including bobby pins, spray bottle, shine spray, comb, hair clips, hair pomade, curl-defining gel, hair-dryer with diffuser, and hair elastic.

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Faux Bob Hairstyle Direction
This is a great curly hair styles for men that is easy to style. Create a slack, low-slung ponytail and use an elastic band to secure it. Make the ponytail hidden under the loose part of the hair by rolling below at the nape of the neck. Grasp the ponytail alongside the scalp by securing bobby pins into the nape section. Create a bob shape by tugging the sides of the hair outward. Apply hair pomade to the hair stray for neat and sleek look.

Curly Twist Hairstyle Direction
Start this curly hair styles for men by sectioning your hair on the side using a comb. Spray with water in a spray bottle to dampen your hair. Reduce any kink by applying curl defining gel on the hair. Comb the hair ends with your fingers to add volume. To increase curling, clip sections of hair randomly alongside the scalp. Use a diffuser attachment to dry your hair. Remove the hair clips and then mist hair with shine spray for sheen effect. Hold the hair on the small side of the part at the hairline and then make a roll against the scalp by curl it in an ascending direction. Curl hair across the back and side hairline to by create a roll that ends just behind the opposed ear. Create a ponytail by pulling the remaining hair and use an elastic band to secure. Make a bun by curling the ponytail. Secure the bun against the head using bobby pins into the edges.

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