Best Black Ponytail hairstyles of 2015 trend

The black ponytail hairstyles offer us so many versatile features especially for worker women and housewife who struggle with their daily work. Besides of the versatility, ponytail also gives chicness at the same time when we are working something. This style is very simple and making us able to do anything we want. However, this kind of hairstyle is not only tie-up your back hair, but also many variants that you can observe by yourself. Today, I have some of them to be your references or inspirations and you can adopt it for your current ponytail. Therefore, people won’t see a boring hairstyle on you anymore.

Shaved Ponytail

The next one of black ponytail hairstyles is suitable for you who want edgy hairstyle with your ponytail. Yes, we know that shaved edges are the men hair trend now and why not we apply it on our ponytail. The goal of this ponytail style is to create faux hawk style. That is why the sides are totally shaved into upper segment. However, women usually have no balance shaved sides after all. To avoid this, you just make the left ponytail as your actual ponytail. I think this style is very easy to be adopted in any type of hair.

Long Braided

Don’t you think before that having one of black pony hairstyles plus long braided? Here we go! Some experts believe that there is no any other style that better than this hairstyle’s uniqueness. Of course, you need extraordinary long hair in the beginning. That is necessary to get the length first in order to make it easy braided. First of all, you need to separate your hair into three sections especially on the top. After that, start the braid from the first section until all of them have done. Do not forget to choose one of the braids as your highlight. Sometimes, this highlight is a complex braid than others.

Twisted Side Style

Keep in mind that this one of black ponytail hairstyles focuses on the sides, not the ponytail. People usually try the twisted ponytail but it always fails their face type. Thus, this hairstyle is only a side of your hair which twisted. Once again, it is not about twisting your ponytail. This style is more accentuating your chicness as a growing woman who tries to catch up the trend. Just loose one of your ponytail sides and then make them into the front as your focal point. Please use some twisted style to support your focal point hair and that is all.

High and Curly

The last of our black ponytail hairstyles is typically suitable for any black woman nature. Yeah, curly hair usually adorns black women hair since long time ago. Why not we try to style it as our main characteristic, right? Therefore, this high and curly hairstyle will add a little bit natural feature as a black woman. Moreover, it gives voluminous appearance for your thin hair. You can use cornrows as the extra part for your ponytail here. This style is very simple. Just make a high ponytail on your curly long hair.

Sleek and Wavy Ponytail

This is another beautiful style of black ponytail hairstyles. You can increase your sexiness easily with this style. The style consists of two main things, sleek and wavy. How to do that? The answer is very easy. Prepare your low ponytail firstly. Then, do not forget to create the side part alongside your ponytail. After that, wrap your hair especially near the ponytail’s base area. Lastly, use curling iron to make the waves in easy ways. That is all. It is very easy, right? If you agree with me just start to adopt this style on your current ponytail.